I recently fostered an 18 month old Jack Russell Terrier whose recall was not good to say the least. I contacted Madeleine who helped, not just with his recall problem but with his focus in general. She ascertained within a few minutes that 'treats' were of no interest to him & he much preferred the sound of a squeaky toy! He is now a delight to take out walking, returns immediately at the first call & I rarely have to use the toy to gain his attention. Allowing him to play with the toy on his return means he stays with me until I give him permission to move on again. The incorrect training he received in his earlier years means he had developed difficulty with house training. Madeleine is now assisting with re-training in this area as well.

Simone Matthews and Bestie

Thank you so much for all your help with Roo - from day one.
With absolutely no experience of dog training and puppies ourselves, you really did save the day.
From basic tactics for keeping a crazy puppy off the furniture to learning all the essential commands; to socialising with other dogs and people.

The weekly one to one sessions when Roo
first arrived; and later group classes with other dogs were all incredibly valuable, and we could report back every week with progress made.

The information sheets were a great help too - as a reminder inbetween lessons.

We soon learnt that dog training involves just as much training for the owner as for the dog - and you showed all the family very patiently how to go about it.

I would highly recommend anyone thinking of getting a puppy to book lessons with you.

Thank you again
Jane Burke, Roo and all the family

Molly and I really enjoyed our time with Madeleine, she gets the balance just right, with effective training that is also fun for the dogs and owners. All the dogs loved her and responded really well. I found her lessons much better than trying to train by myself as when things don’t go smoothly  Madeleine could always explain the best way to get dog to understand. The classes are small enough for lots of individual attention and therefore could be tailor made to deal with any concerns I had. I would definitely recommend Madeleine and would use her again.

Jane Smith with Molly


When I first frantically looked on the internet for a dog behaviourist I must admit it was purely luck that I found Madeleine’s web site - thank heavens for good search engines!   I was looking for somebody who did not live too far away and was confident that they could help my black labrador Betty learn some good behaviours.  Betty had been attacked on the beach the previous summer by a dog in a muzzle and since then my normally loving and submissive dog had adopted the strategy of attacking other dogs on site.   Madeline’s first visit was purely to listen to all the problems we were experiencing and to understand Betty’s behaviour.    By the end of the very first meeting I felt that we could work together to get Betty’s confidence back -  she was to my relief “ not a bad dog but an anxious dog”.   This all made perfect sense and Madeleine has worked really hard on Betty’s and my confidence levels so that Betty and I can both learn how to react when we meet other dogs.   Each session is followed up with an email from Madeline on the next steps for Betty and helpful reminders of what to do if things start to go wrong.  I would recommend Madeleine to anyone who has a dog who needs help. 

Helen Inman with Betty


Monty and I really enjoyed our puppy training. It was a time to socialise the puppies in an outdoor environment. Madeline taught us a calm, reward
base training can really work. With the use of clickers and whistles we achieve everything we set out for. Easy steps that the whole family could learn, and it was great fun! We would highly recommend - and have!


Louise with Monty



'Neo a 7 month Black Russian Terrier owned by Maureen - a star pupil!'