What I can offer

dog training

I offer one to one behavioural consultations on most issues be it aggression (dog to dog or dog to human), including resource or food guarding, recall, anxiety related disorders including destructive behaviour, separation, chasing behaviours (cars, livestock etc) and more.  Behavioural Consultations must be Vet referred.  A referral form can be found on the contact page on this website. 


heelI also offer one to one puppy training beginning as soon as puppy has completed its inoculations. This covers the very basics that you need to get you and your puppy on the right track and include topics like sit, stay, down, settle, recall, leave and lead work. 

If you are looking for advice on what type of puppy to buy, I can help you with advice on what breed and size of dog would suit you and your family, what typical personality traits you can expect, what you will need in the home and how it will affect you and your family plus I offer a home visit when the puppy has arrived.
And finally, I also offer training walks where, together, we can face any problems as they arise in real life situations, problems that you would face on a day to day basis.